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In Hanging There, a young worker attempts to escape an industrial dystopia by killing himself. However he is forced to confront this decision when he's left hanged alive. Discovered by his family he must watch as they decide his fate for him. At the same time he thinks back on how they ended up there and devoted to the terrifying industry to begin with.

Originally from Redcar, Chris Parker wrote the film to explore his own personal relationships and how they changed after he moved away. At the time of writing the steel works in Redcar was under threat and later closed completely. The sense of hopelessness that many felt after this is an important theme in the story.

The film’s themes of individualism as well as its exploration of generational differences should resonate with a large audience, particularly in an era of increasing uncertainty. In a post-truth world, the film sees a family reassessing their lives, their loyalties and even their realities.