Mariage Blanc.png

Mariage Blanc, the infamous play by acclaimed Polish playwright, Tadeusz Rozewicz and translated by his good friend Adam Czerniawski will have its first British production in October 2018, at Asylum Chapel, Peckham.

Mariage Blanc tells the story of Bianca, a young woman who has been brought up as a boy only to be married off upon her coming of age. Facing the torment of burgeoning womanhood and the sexual expectations of marriage, Bianca becomes increasingly consumed by surreal phallic visions whilst clinging to childhood remnants.

Acclaimed Polish film Director Andrzej Wajda hailed Mariage Blanc as “a fairy tale for adults”,while Artur Lundkvist an influential member of the Nobel Laureate Swedish Academy Jury derided it as “overly erotic”. For us, this is a surrealist dark comedy unafraid to explore the taboo, the unsavoury and the erotic through the lens of sisterhood - all with tenderness and humour. Rozewicz himself wrote it as part of “a fight for freedom”.

Mariage Blanc is a tragic farce imbued with complexity and has been studied internationally in the fields of psychology, sociology, philosophy, postmodernism, identity politics and gender. Set in late 19th Century Poland, the play places these contemporary themes and progressive heroine against the backdrop of the archaic patriarchal rules of the time.

We believe these are not only contemporary issues,butthisplaywillcontributeto current conversations around gender equality and heteronormativity, by exploring the complex effect these pressures can have on women against any backdrop.