Morning is the first feature film written and directed by award-winning artist Juliet Ellis who is know for her visual poetry and unconventional story telling.

It is the story of Ruby, a lonely child. In a world almost entirely of her own imagining, she sees herself as the autumn star, Fomalhaut, known as the loneliest but brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere.  Isolated in an unstable present, she is planning for a beautiful future mapped out from the pages of an Argos catalogue. One morning Ruby wakes up to something that will tilt her cosmos forever. Alone, she is led into a series of encounters that change the way she understands her reality and place in the world. 

Morning is a poetic narrative, both tender and brutal that is occasionally blown open by moments of magical realism that includes a journey through the cosmos, a surreal choreographed dance sequence and the beauty of developing Polaroid’s. It creates its own particular universe in which you are drawn into Ruby’s experience with its sense of pain, isolation and grieving and yet also imagination, connection and beauty.  Morning invites us to share the bitter sweetness of the moment you find yourself alone in the world and, within that, discovering the possibility of your own potential.